The Gandhi Speakers Network is a group of Speakers available to give talks on the life, work, teachings and principles of Mohandas K. (Mahatma) Gandhi. Our aim is to spread the message of Gandhi around the world, and show its continuing relevance today.

Contacting Gandhi Speakers

The Gandhi Speakers Network is not centrally controlled. Schools, community groups etc are invited to make direct contact with the Speaker(s) of their choice, to arrange talks and events. Each Speaker is individually responsible for what they say and how they behave. It is strongly recommended that you communicate in detail with a Speaker before booking in order to ensure that your requirements are fully met. The current list of Gandhi Speakers can be found on the Speakers page, organized by location.

Becoming a Gandhi Speaker

To volunteer as a Gandhi Speaker you need to create a user account at Wikidot, apply to join the Gandhi Speakers Network site, and then post your details at the relevant location on the Speakers page.

Feedback on Gandhi Speakers

Feedback may be left on the Speakers page, next to the relevant Speaker's details. Simply create a user account at Wikidot, join the Gandhi Speakers Network site, and post your comments. If you want your feedback to be treated in confidence you may contact the administrator of this website at gro.noitadnuofihdnag|tcatnoc#gro.noitadnuofihdnag|tcatnoc

Gandhi Speaking Resources

The Resources page lists materials available on the Internet to help people teach and learn about Gandhi more effectively.

Gandhi Event Reviews

Please write a Review of your Gandhi-related event. Share information about what works well, and what doesn't!

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